Limited Edition Banana Bread 220g Soy Candle

Limited Edition Banana Bread 220g Soy Candle

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Ignite the envy of your neighbours with the sweet smell of successful lockdown productivity wafting from your windows, convincing them you have your life totally together.
Bask in the comforting fragrance of fresh baking, without the effort or the need for black bananas.

For the majority of Lockdown #1, I was busy refitting my shop and looked on enviously as everyone's culinary efforts filled social media.
Then I found a spare minute and took gleefully to the kitchen!
Unfortunately, I quickly realised that, though I may possess many talents, baking is most definitely not one of them.
So this time around I'm sticking with what I know and have produced this limited edition Banana Bread soy candle.

Dark Sugar

220g net
60 hour burn time