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Mellow Monday


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Mellow Monday [RE]MADE is a collection of one of a kind pieces created from reclaimed objects and materials, handmade by me in my little shop in Southsea.

When I found these massive old cooking trays I knew they had to be something incredible. So, I’ve put my arty head on and decorated them with acrylic paints.

These bad boys are approximately 51cm diameter and between 3-4cm high. The textures of the metal show through the surface of the paint giving a distressed look. I’ve left them unvarnished as I love the idea of them collecting nicks and scuffs with age, but if you’re anticipating heavy use or want to keep them fresh then I can add a waterproof lacquer upon request at no added cost.

An eye catching centerpiece for a table, they’d also make fabulous wall art or attached to legs for a unique coffee table.